How Smaller Muscle Car Part Sellers Help Vintage Car Owners

How Smaller Muscle Car Part Sellers Help Vintage Car Owners

Find out the benefits of dealing with small muscle car parts shops and sellers.

Vintage car collectors have many good reasons for loving classic muscle cars. These are invariably fast cars, and the promise of speed and power seem obvious in their brash designs and rumbling engines. Many of us love restoring cars to their original specs so that we can own a piece of American history. And for that, we can count on reputable muscle car parts sellers who can make sure that we get every type of part we need.

Often times what we need are authentic muscle car parts that match what first came out of the factories decades ago. But in some cases, the parts we want are customized for our own preference or for greater speed and power. Either way, we can get the car we want that reflects who we really are.

But that really depends on whether or not you can get the parts you need. If you’re having trouble finding a special car part or accessory, perhaps you can find them at the following muscle car parts sellers online:

Chicago Muscle Car Parts

  • Chicago Muscle Car Parts. This is one of the most reputable muscle car parts sellers in the country, ever since they first started in 1982. They specialize in GM muscle cars from 1962 up to modern-day muscle cars. These can be new or sued parts, while others are reproduction parts. Regular shipping charges amount to 10% of the order total, but you can get free shipping if your orders total at least $200.

While they can be considered smaller than some of the major sellers, Chicago Muscle Car Parts offer a large inventory of more than 32,000 parts. If you’re having trouble find the parts you need for your muscle car, then chances are that you’ll find them here.

The Parts Place

  • The Parts Place. Chicago has always been a metropolitan area, and with 9.5 million people in and around the city you’ll invariably find a lot of muscle car aficionados. For the last 25 years, The Parts Place have been among the most popular suppliers of restoration and replacement parts for GM muscle cars.

Aside from the car parts, they also sell diecast items and apparel. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get various product and holiday specials, promos, and giveaways.

Central Wisconsin Muscle Car Parts

  • Central Wisconsin Muscle Car Parts. They also call themselves Muscle Car Restoration Parts, but the company actually started as Beckers Repair in 1992. The Becker family was (and still is) passionate about cars, so they started their own part-time auto repair and welding shop. By 1997, they had become so busy that they went full time.

It was in 2003 when the Beckers realized there weren’t any local dealers that could sell them the El Camino they were restoring. So they contacted Goodmark Industries and Dynacorn so they can become dealers, and the Beckers also used the car parts that they sell. They’ve also become dealers for PUI Interiors so that you can easily get the trim, door panels, headliners, and carpets you need for your muscle car.

Between all 3 of these muscle car parts sellers, you should no longer have any trouble finding and buying the muscle car parts you need.

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